Tactico launches online investor platform

Montreal, Canada, November 6, 2019 — Tactico Inc. (“Tactico”), a Canadian venture capital firm specializing in Seed through Series A investments, recently rolled out its online investor platform following a successful soft launch in September 2019, attended by CNBC broadcaster Jon Najarian, Dragon’s Den judge Vincenzo Guzzo and other important players in the finance community and startup ecosystem. The newly launched platform, available at no cost, aims to reduce the challenges to investing in private companies by catering to the needs of a larger spectrum of investors.

“Historically, venture capital has been a market difficult to enter and survive for investors who are not part of the institutional network,” said Philippe Leroux, partner and legal counsel at Tactico. “Our platform provides investors, regardless of size, with complete transparency and access to a greater choice of ventures with the possibility, not a necessity, to participate on a deal-to-deal basis based on their specific investment criteria.”

Following a careful vetting process, approved parties receive privileged access to detailed summaries and information about current investment opportunities and portfolio companies, as well as a log of Tactico’s past deals through the platform’s secure and personalized interface. Real-time email notifications, news updates and regular announcements ensure all parties are aware of what is happening at every stage of the financing process, from new investment opportunities to eventual exits.

In addition to providing an exclusive look at Tactico’s opportunities, the platform facilitates co-investment in high-caliber early-stage companies alongside Tactico’s managing partners.

“In every deal, we invest a minimum of fifteen per cent to twenty per cent of the total capital contribution of our principals,” said Rick Ness, partner at Tactico. “Having our own money at stake on the same terms as our investors means we are not only investing for our investors but with our investors.”

Click here to sign up to Tactico’s investor platform.