How do I invest with Tactico?
Does Tactico co-invest in every investment?
How will I know when there is a new investment opportunity?
What kind of information will I be able to review before I decide to invest?
How long will I have to make my decision?
How much do I have to invest in a deal?
Who can participate in Tactico investments?
What is the investment structure?
Does Tactico charge any fees?
How often does Tactico invest in new companies?
What is the investment horizon?
What level of post-investment involvement does Tactico commit to?
Are returns guaranteed?
What investment reports should I expect to receive?
What happens if the company raises more money?
What is the purpose of the Tactico Strategic Finance debt fund?
What are the target returns?
What is the fee structure?
What is Tactico’s commitment?
What is the minimum commitment?
What is the desired total size of the fund?
How will redemptions work?
What is the structure of the fund?
How will the equity component of debt deals be valued?
What investment reports should I expect to receive?
What can companies expect out of Tactico?
Does Tactico only invest in specific areas or industries?
At what stage does Tactico usually invest?
How much money do you typically invest?
Does Tactico invest outside of Canada?
What is the process for companies when raising capital?
Will my confidential company information be shared with Tactico’s investors network?
I’m looking for funding. How can I contact you?