Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund sells stake in CBS

Montreal, November 27, 2020 — Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund LP (“F1 Fund”) announced the sale of its minority stake in Canadian Banklock Service, Ltd. (“CBS”) to an undisclosed buyer.


“We’re very pleased with this investment and CBS’s performance since that initial investment. CBS is a perfect example of our investment model in action where Tactico resources and support delivered to an even larger degree than its financial contribution did.” said Philippe Leroux, Managing partner of the F1 Fund and partner at Tactico Inc. (“Tactico”).


By providing a combination of equity capital and day-to-day management support on strategic initiatives and key decision points, Tactico’s participation and support helped significantly increase CBS’ profitability and productivity. The F1 Fund worked closely with CBS’s management in all facets of the business including strategy, finance, and transactional consulting.


“The F1 Fund provided us with funding at a crucial time for our business, but the operational support provided by the Tactico team was the real differentiator” said Charles Duncan, CEO and majority shareholder of CBS. “Starting on the day after their initial investment, the Tactico team provided us with highly professional operational and financial management support, and most recently, expertise and support on the exit transaction. Tactico has been a fantastic partner to CBS because its people understand entrepreneurs.”



Canadian Banklock Service, Ltd.

For nearly 50 years, CBS has supported its banking clients in the area of security by providing a range of high-end products and professional service. CBS has developed its leadership position in providing exceptional service, supported by the professionalism of its employees. CBS is committed to providing a range of high-end products and services to meet the needs of its clients throughout Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces.


About Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund

The Tactex F1 Private Equity Fund is an investment fund established in 2013 that focuses on direct investments in cash flow positive small-cap entities or start-up firms through a combination of debt, preferred shares and-or common shares. The fund provides close support to management of its portfolio investments and is available only to select qualifying investors. The F1 Private Equity Fund is managed by Tactex General Partner Inc. as general partner of the fund.


About Tactico Inc.

Tactico is a hands-on venture capital firm specializing in implementing strategic and tactical solutions for curated, early-stage investments. Along with providing capital, Tactico’s partners get involved in helping business stakeholders establish the future strategic direction of the company. Its leadership team has extensive experience building and operating successful businesses and navigating dynamic corporate climates. Tactico has broken down the barriers so that accredited investors have the opportunity to invest alongside us through targeted special purpose vehicles (SPVs) as well as our Tactico Strategic Finance debt fund.