How we delivered a 71.4% IRR on a single investment (Case Study)

Castle Rock Innovations

Investment Summary

Investment Date: December 2013
Exit Date: August 2015 (Earn-out completed August 2018)
IRR: 71.4%

At the time of our investment in 2013, Castle Rock Innovations, Inc. (“Castle Rock”) was an enterprise technology company. The Company had been serving the financial industry for over two decades with clienteles in the capital markets, banking, insurance and healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries.

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labour introduced new 401(k) fee disclosure regulations. Castle Rock developed the Axis Retirement Plan Analytics Platform (“AXIS”), a proprietary web-based data aggregation platform enabling broker-dealers, record-keepers, banks and retirement plan fiduciaries to meet the mandated disclosure reporting requirements.

1. The Challenge

“The company was doing well but hit a fork in the road. It needed to jumpstart its growth.”

Rick Ness, Tactico Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Castle Rock needed a solution to fuel customer expansion within the U.S.
market and guidance on business strategy. While AXIS was at the time the best
solution for the challenges facing the industry, the Company needed the
funding and support to accelerate client acquisition.