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Tactico Inc. sells stake in Omega Securities Inc.

Montreal, Quebec (February 5, 2019)–Tactico Inc. announced the sale of its indirect equity investment in Omega ATS Inc. further to which transaction Matchpoint Financial Corp., Matchpoint Capital Inc., Grandslam Investments Inc., Laurence Rose, and Alan Simpson will form the new controlling ownership group of Omega SecuritiesInc.and its wholly owned subsidiary.

As an active shareholder of Omega Securities Inc., Tactico provided invaluable strategic, operational and financial management support to Omega, as recently demonstrated by the successful settlement of a significant enforcement proceeding brought against Omega by the Ontario Securities Commission.

Richard Ness, Managing Director of Tactico, commented on Tactico’s investment in Omega ATS: “Omega ATS is in my view a perfect illustration of Tactico’spreferred investment strategy and ability to execute in turnaround situations. I’m very pleased with the obvious value our team was able to provide to Omega over the entire term which has now grown into one of the most successful independent trading venues in Canada”.

About Omega ATS Inc. | Omega Securities Inc.

Omega Securities Inc. (OSI), an IIROC member firm, is the operator of two lit marketplaces: Omega ATS and Lynx ATS. These two marketplaces offer a venue for the facilitation of trading in Canadian listed securities, such as equities and listed fixed income. Omega’s marketplaces account for more than five percent of Canadian equities trading and provide a cost-effective and efficient method for the Canadian broker/dealer community to execute transactions on behalf of their clients.

About Tactico Inc.

Tactico is a venture capital firm specializing in direct investments in cash flow positive, small-cap entities or start-up firms through a combination of debt, preferred shares, or common shares with the intent to create long-term value. Tactico’s investment philosophy is governed by the belief that value can be created through direct involvement in management or through funding where cash-flow requirements can improve competitive positioning. Tactico intends to provide close support to current management and may name representatives to the Board of Directors of its investment portfolio companies.